A Day in Dulwich

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Dulwich, South East London


A 6-mile walk from Dulwich Park to Nunhead Cemetery, following the Green Chain Walk – a route that connects green spaces throughout South London. Along the route, there are lots of fantastic views over the city to take in, as well as some beautiful landmarks. North Dulwich Station is just a short walk from the park, and only a 15-minute train from London Bridge. Nunhead and Peckham Rye Stations are near to the end of the route. 

Curated by Vespucci Outsider: Alex Thomas



The beginning of the walk takes you through the lovely Dulwich Park, guiding you uphill and through the woods. As you turn north-eastwards along Sydenham Hill, you are met with a stunning, expansive view of the city on the horizon. You continue into the grounds of the Horniman Museum where there are beautiful gardens to admire and more fantastic views. Following the route, you’ll pass through Camberwell Old & New Cemeteries, between which you have the option to climb up One Tree Hill for yet another great view of the city and to take a look at St. Augustine’s Church which sits atop it (this is definitely recommended). Finally, you’ll reach Nunhead Cemetery – one of London’s “Magnificent Seven” – where you’ll find the beautiful 19th Century Chapel. To wrap up, treat yourself to a nice cold pint at one of the many lovely nearby pubs! 

Central London >  North Dulwich  (+/- 30mins)
Nunhead Station > Central London (+/- 30mins)

9.8 km walk (3 hrs) 

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  • Instant download of OS map and PDF guide.

Instant download of OS map and PDF guide.