The Perfect Easter Tipple For 2019

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Inspired by our trust worthy team mascots – our ‘Rabbit Bookends’ that attend each show and work themselves into our lifestyle photoshoots; this Easter have made it onto the tins themselves!

Using classic dry botanicals ‘The Perfect Easter Tipple For 2019’ is a straight forward no-nonsense gin.

Ideal for a dry martini or G&T. It has distinctive notes of coriander, lemon peel and cardamom, as well as many other botanicals centred around juniper berries to create the ultimate refreshing taste.

1 x 50cl tin each at 40% ABV

Tasting Notes
A smooth crisp gin with juniper at the forefront, citrus notes of lemon and orange, finished with subtle notes of cardamom.

Serving Suggestion
Serve over ice with tonic and garnish with pink grapefruit. Alternatively mix up as a martini.


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